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Just like your air ducts you can’t see inside your dryer vent! Using our video inspection camera, we can show you all the dirt and lint that stays inside your dryer and vent once you have completed your laundry and cleared the lint trap. Lint will build up in the dryer, transition duct and exhaust duct which can reduce airflow and create a dangerous situation which can lead to overheating and dryer inefficiencies, and in some cases, fires. When moisture cannot escape it will invite mold and bacteria build up as well. By cleaning your dryer vent, we can help ensure your clothes dryer is both safe and energy efficient! Lint is one of the most flammable items in your home! With estimates of 15,500 US home fires being contributed to dirty dryer vents, it is more important than ever to get your dryer vent inspected and serviced.

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Dryer Vent Stats:

  • In the Topical Fire Report Services, the US Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident
  • Reporting System states that 84% of dryer fires were found in residential dwellings. The leading cause remains the same, Failure to Clean!
  • 54% of the fires were confined to the object of origin- the clothes dryer.
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At That Guy, we recognize that having a clean dryer vent is an important safety measure for your San Diego area home. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that clothing dryers are associated with approximately 15,600 fires annually!

These types of fires can be caused by lint build up in the dryer vent. If lint build up blocks the flow of air, excessive heat can result, which sometimes can cause a fire. Cleaning your San Diego area home’s dryer vent can help prevent a potential house fire.

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Do you think that it might be time to clean you San Diego area home’s dry vent? The pros at That Guy have put together some tips to determine if it might be time for dryer vent cleaning. Does your dryer take longer than 30-45 minutes to dry your clothes? Are your clothes abnormally hot to the touch after drying? Does the vent hood flap not open during your dryer’s operation? Has it been one year since your last dryer vent cleaning? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to call the dryer vent cleaning pros at That Guy to schedule service.


Many dryer manufacturers recommend that dryer vents should be cleaned once a year. It not only keeps the machine running efficiency, but it also helps prevent fires as a result of lint-clogged vents. The dryer vent cleaning technicians at That Guy will make sure your San Diego area home is not a fire risk due to dirty vents. A clean dryer vent also means that your dryer will run more efficiently and use less electricity. So not only will your clothes dry faster, but you will also save money!


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